Who Am I?

Hi. Thanks for viewing my space. I'm Yekaterina Kozachuk, but most call me Katya. I am passionate about life and capturing life's stories through photography. I believe there is something captivating about telling stories in this way: whether it is the story of  your wedding, a birthday, or the struggle of depression. I consider it an absolute privilege when people invite me to share their big or small moments in life through my lens.

I also believe every person deserves to have at least one beautiful portrait of themselves. Not only do I do my best to capture the unique beauty that belongs to each and every individual, but to each and every story.

Along with pursuing photography, I am pursuing a Master of Theological Studies degree at Duke University. My hope is to one day show theology through photography, as I am a firm believer that our understanding of God should not be limited to just words, because words can be limited. It is my hope to showcase different series--like my film photography series Covered In Lavender--in hopes of shortening the gap in understanding the relationship between art and theology.

I've been telling stories with my lens, unofficially, since I was 17 years old and I think it's about time I become official. I love to shoot with digital and with analog cameras. (I also love traveling, eating a lot of milk chocolate, and making people laugh.)

If you are in need of a photographer, Iā€™m your gal.