Covered In Lavender 

Covered in Lavender, my first film photography show,  opened at Repurpose Art Studio in  Lakeland, Florida, on April 8, 2017. While it is no longer exhibiting, I've selected three stories to be featured here.

Covered In Lavender explores what it means to be human and what it means to find healing in the midst of our own humanity. Indeed, Covered in Lavender was birthed out of a place of disappointment and extreme frustration with the lack of vulnerability allowed in our present day. After experiencing different forms of rejection, deferred dreams, an uncertain future, and an inability to understand why there is such a lack of genuine care for the other, I needed to create something that would help me combat my own darkness--because for the first time ever, I felt my spirit break in half, and I wasn’t really sure if God was in that darkness with me.

This show explores the journey of brokenness for seven people and their struggle for redemption. In order to give each person the freedom to share his or her story in its rawest form, I have kept the identity of each storyteller anonymous. The people seen in the photographs are models who volunteered to tell the stories. The title of each story is an initial from the storyteller’s name and their age. As you see, all the photographs are connected with lavender. In this show, lavender symbolizes God. I chose lavender to symbolize God because lavender is the promise of a new adventure: it is used for healing, and it stands for love and purity.

My hope is that as you see these photographs and as you read these stories, you are encouraged,knowing you are not alone in your struggle. I know a majority of these storytellers are still in the process of finding redemption, but as they struggle to find hope and healing, they are covered with God. I do not have the answer as to why pain happens, but I choose to have faith in a God who covers us in our brokenness and creates a new beginning.


Self Love 



Story below is written anonymously... 

I remember sitting in the basement of a Korean Church weeping bitterly because the deep and uncomfortable realization that I hate myself was coming to surface and I could no longer run away from that painful reality...

Maegan006 (1).jpg




Story below is written anonymously... 

I was asked to write my story in its rawest, most painful form, and though I can think on all the hurt I’ve held, it is hard to know where to begin… I guess the beginning is as good as any starting point...





Story below is written anonymously... 

I am a functioning member of your church. I grew up involved in your services, events, dinners, gatherings, groups and camps. I have faithfully served and dedicated all that I am to the lives of others around me, but in the process I have neglected my own life....